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A support with character.

Solutions for logistics and freight transport and for organized distribution in outsourcing.

Logistics was born to offer the customer an always updated and complete service, so in recent years we have opened the doors to organized distribution, creating a specific company operating exclusively in this area.

  • Complementary logistics service to freight transport
  • Administrative support with a strong managerial character
  • Outsourcing will no longer be a dilemma

3 HUB on Italy

Distributed throughout Italy with 3 newly designed HUBs for better management of goods.

10.000 sqm of storage

Over ten thousand square meters and large spaces for the optimal storage of products and for their handling.

Complementary logistics to freight transport

Do logistics together with transport management of stored goods for the best support.

Administrative management support

The experience of our administrative team and support team to make a difference at all times.


The choice of outsourcing logistics is mainly linked to the need to improve the company’s operational leverage and is a competitive option, recommended when there are no internally strong logistics skills.

We can offer you all the experience and ability to manage your logistics activities with high performance.

The choice will no longer be whether or not to outsource logistics, but how to set up the Logistics Make/Buy.

Main HUB

Logistics offices in Italy


Interporto Sud Europa

Via Ficucella - 81024 Maddaloni

+39 0823.14.43.161

Supporto customer
Lun-Ven: 9:00 – 18:00


Via Molino della splua,2

10028 Trofarello (TO)


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