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Waste transport

A historical pact of eco-sustainability

Our national and international waste collection and transport service, with complete waste management with delivery and collection.

We are specialized in national and international waste transport, as well as in the management of the waste itself with the delivery and collection of bins for the disposal of paper and cardboard.

We deal with the collection of urban waste and we collaborate with the main paper mills in Campania, taking care of the transport of raw materials from all over Italy to their establishment, up to the delivery of the finished product to their customers.

Since the 1980s we have been among the first companies to be awarded the ex DM for waste transport.

Currently, the waste transport sector represents 30% of the company’s business.

The combination of waste transport and intermodal transport is successful and has a low environmental impact, in fact transporting waste by rail means halving costs and CO2 emissions.

The sector has also grown thanks to the management’s strong push to direct traffic to trains, dispelling the myth “the waste travels only by road”.

For three generations in the management of waste transport

The company was born to transport aggregates and waste in general and boasted of being one of the first to be able to do so.

With the second generation this type of transport was abandoned to deal more generally with road transport.

With the third generation, the desire to reinvest in the waste sector returned to the company.

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