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Groupage Less Truck Load (LTL) services to offer you transport of all your goods with maximum safety but economically.

We offer a Groupage service that lives up to the highest standards and using all our experience and technology available to assist you with your goods.

Currently, from our sorting sites for groupage we can re-launch deliveries starting from single pallets in all regions of Italy and abroad with the flexibility and simplicity of an excellent job.


Groupage or LTL (Less Truck Load)

We resort to Groupage or Less Truck Load (LTL) when the goods of a single customer fail to fill a single means of transport, i.e. a multi-destination road transport, in which consignments of different customers from a single country are loaded onto a load units with a consolidation operation, to reach different recipients.

The main advantage concerns the cost of transport, which is divided among the various senders, however to the detriment of the speed of delivery and a greater movement of the goods in the various loading and unloading manoeuvres, with the risk of damage.

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