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Road transport

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Our national and international road transport service dedicated to the safe transport of your goods.

With Iorio Trasporti e Logistica you can count on a reliable and expert partner, able to plan and manage a regular road freight transport service to and from the main European cities, with customized solutions and dedicated assistance at every stage of the shipment.

National and international road transport is no longer a problem thanks to the experience gained in over 75 years of activity.

Flexibility and professionalism have led the company to establish partnerships with customers.​

Road transport in Italy

Road transport is by far the most used shipping method in Italy, moving more than 80% of the goods (Eurostat data), while the means that are most frequently used by road in the road transport sector are the articulated lorry and road train.

Furthermore, the percentage of road freight transport is growing, as highlighted in an elaboration by the Observatory on Sustainable Mobility of Airp (Italian Association of Tire Retreaders) on the basis of Eurostat data, which explains that in 2015 in Italy 116,820 were transported by road million tonnes of cargo per kilometer, rising to 133.265 million in 2020, an increase of 14.1%.

The widespread use of this type of transport is explained above all by the possibility of door-to-door delivery, a feature that makes it the best solution compared to all other means in terms of comfort and the possibility of carrying out road transport with the formula Full Truck Load or Less Truck Load (Groupage).

Full Truck Load (FTL)

It is a single-destination transport in which for a single customer shipments are expected that are able to fill, by weight or volume, the entire means of transport with their goods. In this case, Full Truck Load transport is certainly the most advantageous solution in terms of speed and safety, as it allows the goods to be loaded at the sender and unloaded directly at the recipient, without wasting time for intermediate transhipments or issue of numerous documents and invoices and reducing the possibility of damage to the cargo.

Less Truck Load (LTL) or Groupage

On the other hand, when the goods of a single customer cannot fill a single means of transport, the Less Truck Load (LTL) or Groupage is used, i.e. a multi-destination road transport, in which consignments of different customers from a single country are loaded on a load unit with a consolidation operation, to reach different recipients.

The main advantage concerns the cost of transport, which is divided among the various senders, however to the detriment of the speed of delivery and a greater movement of the goods in the various loading and unloading maneuvers, with the risk of damage.

Why choose road transport

Transporting goods by road, as mentioned, has the main advantage of being able to deliver the load directly to the place of destination with a door-to-door method, without necessarily having to resort to additional means of transport to reach the point of arrival, even if it still has advantages and disadvantages.



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