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Sustainable transport

At the service of the environment

Trasporto sostenibile - Iorio Trasporti e Logistica

We strongly believe in sustainable transport and in the very concept of sustainability.

The investments are all aimed at making our impact on the environment more sustainable, especially in the management of the network and in the vehicle fleet made up of new generation vehicles, all to optimize the sustainability of transport.

It has been guaranteed and proven that with intermodal transport there is a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 21%.

What everyone thought was just a marketing operation has finally become concrete and credible.

Today the goods can travel in serenity, while we work at the service of customers and the environment for their and our sustainable future.

SQS - ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015 certification demonstrates to partners and customers that the organization adopts good practices to reduce the environmental impact of its processes.

ISO 14001 is the main reference standard for implementing a company policy that aims at the continuous improvement of environmental performance and management.

Caring for the environment and preventing businesses from causing negative impacts on the environment are two of the most important challenges businesses face today.

One of the greatest advantages of implementing an environmental management system is the recognition that comes from being among those companies that are concerned with increasing their degree of sustainability. This can lead to better relationships with both partners and consumers.

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